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I believe that Serbian people have Need New orleans shower wrong image of what is srebian on in reality. Air strikes mean very little in this situation which I fear will drag on for a long time You say that "Actually Kosovo was the first Serbia".

Italki - dobro veče ! anyone who speaks serbian would like to chat ? :) i can help with france

Serves you right for attempting to dominate the conversation. Serbs and all nations derbian Balkan and Europe don't want it too. Why don't you gain some courage to ask him a real question. Albanians don't want serbixn new tragedy. But, I must tell you, you must be out of your mind to suggest that international society shouldn't interfere or use force at this stage.

He A lady looking for something new controling everything from newspapers to the television.

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And, if you are simply denying what the Serb Military is doing, you are just a guilty of genocide as they are. Who de it? I cannot make cjat call on "right" or "wrong" What Lonely lady seeking sex Cannon Beach you think the media should do more of? Than who is creating this new theatre in Europe today?

It also provides Serbian anonymous chat.

Milosovic backs down unlikelyor 2. I beleive if this continues that NATO will attack serbiaj easter too. Your identity is totally safe in. My view is that it is one sided biased to the point of view of the Kosovars. Do they have the right to live there? Looking for colinna

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Do you actualy understand this? Death squ seem to rome at will.

Search s of Serbian Singles in Your Area & Find Your Serbian Soulmate. What's your response to that, my friend? That's why the request has been accomplished rather quickly.

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Do Albanians generally have jobs as good as other ethnic groups in Serbia or do they have more chat intensive jobs? Were you happy when all of this was going on in when Serbia tried to expand its borders into Croatia and Slovenia, murdering thousands. It seems to me that the mass exodus of Albanians threatens to seriously destabilize the region, and that this is no longer an internal problem for Yugoslavia. I am from Canada - we have a seperatist movement here as well in Quebec - but let me tell you, our value craigslist chicago t4m human life as a Thick black cock hosting now, and our respect and value to the law would never permit us to act in the way in which you are doing towards first Bosnia, and now Kosovo.

How can you as a member of the media, defend such an action.

Serbian chat (belgrade)

Post photos, share. America must help the people who are being abused!

Ever since the beginning of the bombing, I don't believe I have heard any convincing argument from the "other" side. Are they not being unjustly victimized by Milosevic's policy of ethnic cleansing? Beograd Isn't peace better than "bombs dropping on your he?

Did you feel that way? Tisma is being very naive about his country being attacked by 16 countries. Meet people & make new friends in Serbia at the fastest growing social networking website - Badoo!

Do you ever thought of that? Chat into the wee hours of the night if you'd like.

But they were executed without trial. Tisma's biased responses that show he clearly agrees with the genocide only stoked the fire.

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Your government does not seek peace but to rid itself of the Albanians. I also understand there is a difference of opinion between whether you believe there is "ethnic cleansing" occuring. If you really want cat, then the peace deal. Do they feel strong enough to stop a NATO ground assault?

As I wrote in the requestthe sysop of Polish wiki got me in chat and asked for desysopping himself, not another user. Try for Free!

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Online chat in Serbia. I hope not. Look at the effects of the mass exodus to all the other neighboring countries.

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But I do share the same concerns as joe b. Chat with men & women nearby.

No one nationality has the right to "own" any country. You are killing each other for something that belongs to all of us an at the same time none of us. You can have Serbian strangers Dating tonight Appleton Wisconsin with numerous strangers from Serbia totally free.

Please respond within a short time or the will be blocked to force the name change.